Rhythm section

  • Marco Abbatecola ( Bass)
  • Jules Pais  (Guitar)
  • Christian Mendoza (Guitar)
  • Westley Joseph ( Drums)
  • Alessio Barelli( Drums)
  • Greg Leppard (Drums)
  • Darren Abraham ( Drums)
  • John McKilup ( Sax)
  • Sean Hollis (Trumpet)


  • Joe Erber
  • Nick Gilmore
  • Lennox Cameron
  • Daniel Hewson


  • Vita Ventura
  • Sulene Fleming
  • Najwa Ezzaher
  • Jules Pais
  • Paris Campbell
  • Lennox Cameron

Soul Funk Secret is a British band founded in 2007 by Marco Abbatecola, Julian Pais and Trevor Joseph. The band features various vocalist and talented musicians working on both original and cover material. As a collective their performances have seen them playing at major music venues across the UK, Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, France, Israel, USA and the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

Soul Funk Secret can be hired as a five to eight piece band. The band members are highly professional and come with lots of experience. As the band are full time musicians and can be very busy, we have two or more musicians for each position.


As session musicians and vocalists the band have worked individually on various live shows and recording sessions for:

George Michael, Michael Ball, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Beyonce, Sony, Universal, BBC, ITV, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (backing session vocalists), Joe Mcelderry, Channel 4, Emirates Productions, Jamiroquai, Galliano, James Taylor Quartet, Noel McCoy, Tom Jones, The Divine Comedy, Bonnie Fields (James Brown), Martha High and Chiko Bangs (James Brown), Nona Hendrix, Tony Coleman (BB King), Walter Wolf Washington, Marcus Malone, Spice Girls, Michelle Gail, London Community Gospel Choir, Carleen Anderson, Push, Paul Weller and many more.